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Fri Apr 18, 2014, 11:41 AM

because that's what the weather is doing.
it's on shuffle. all four seasons in one day :B

on another note: 

Congratulations :iconstevengilby: on the DD :D 
Wild Vampire Chase   I was twenty-two when I started chasing her. I'm thirty-two now, but still a few days shy of the ten year anniversary. She was my friend, the only one I had. She begged, pleaded to become one of them only to turn on the one who made her, killing him with one swift blow that tore his head from his neck. I, by her, was offered the gift of immortality, but saw that it might corrupt the mind, and tried to kill her, much as I didn't want to. She gave me something to remember her by before escaping. A small, curved scar on the side of my neck that was not intended to kill. A souvenir to always have with me. In the back of my mind, I'm glad she got away. I'm glad I didn't have to kill my friend.
   Throughout the years, I followed her narrow path of blood. She was careful, but left me clues. On purpose, it turns out. She left me some friends to play with sometimes. They weren't nearly as strong as her, so my playmates easily became fertilizer. At least they decay fast e

me wise, more fractal art :B because i got my hand on a set of parameters i want to test out as well as make more blooms. everyone loves roses, i know i love roses. 
My pc is acting up, badly, getting blue screen of death more often than i'd like for no reason at all. i am simply hoping my cpu isn't getting busted, else i  am screwed. 

Ahh yes, exams nearing -someone please kill me- :| so less activity from me for the next few months.

Special Mentions:

first shout goes to the lovely :iconshadowmayne96: a lovely young lady and a good friend with great talent :)

Dreamweaver by shadowmayne96Shadowmayne, Child of the Moon by shadowmayne96

second mention goes to :iconsmidow: a talented photographer and traditional artist whom i met recently. 
Paws by Smidow

Winter From Above by Smidow

Good Morning, Snow. by Smidow


as always, feature once every 2 weeks or so. if you have something you'd like featured, or if you'd like to suggest a friend, please, send a note my way.
next feature around may 2nd-4th

151 by Placi1
Only Earth got the power by thefrenchberet
Cybercity Knights - Skyline by BadLuckArt

<da:thumb id="446789525"/>

Mature Content

The Magic's In The FabricThey were teenagers when first they met in the forest glade.  Just off the beaten track, this largely untampered clearing possessed a certain magical charm.
The trees bent in mystical, kindly ways.  The roots suggested themselves into chairs and tables.  A natural selection of berry and nut trees lined the area as if in perfect deference to the sacred surround.
The canopy altered so as to allow both places for basking in sunshine and shelter from the elements.  Wind was seldom felt beyond a gentle breeze, no matter the conditions elsewhere.  Branches hung at just the right height upon which to peg one's coat or basket.
He had discovered it only a short while before her.  His father had brought him here to collect berries, and he had continued to come after...well, he had continued to come.  
The forest animals seemed to be more friendly here too, as if they knew it was a sacred space for all to share, to be equal and at peace.  He never hunted he

The Hunted-FINALGavin
    It was like any other Hunt, except for this one was taken voluntarily rather than assigned. This one would guarantee my life rather than a paycheck. Regardless of how difficult it would be for me to follow through with it, it was the most important Hunt I had done thus far. It had to be perfect.
            I went through the motions. My past with her hadn’t fazed me at all during the days leading up to the Hunt. I never once thought of her as a person as I was scoping out the surrounding area, gathering information concerning her whereabouts and choosing the best location to set up at so that I could easily intercept her.  She wasn’t a person anymore; she was a target, a Hit. That was the part I was most worried about. I was afraid that I would conceive her as she was, as the esoteric, exciting individual I had grew fond of and fell in love with. Her betrayal of me caused an uprising
Animalistic DemonArchers let loose, their arrows to the
Mass that lies in the bear emptiness.
Imagining a life of... freedom
Each night is simply a painful wonder, if I
Ventured through the evening's fall to let
Eternity take a chance to keep me if I broke,
Never turning back to the peace in normality.
Hearts have shattered, and more will break
Under the pressure of non-existing existence
Mutating its way through a snaked edge of
An impossible route that still deems to be
Naturally followed by this longing want.
Over the spines and vines that wish my body
Rendered dead, yet still I continue through.
Another day full of knowledge I wish I never
Met so that freedom could win both sides.
Inside a body lies the two both, one near the break.
Searching for an option that could lease me in an
Imitation that maybe society could understand, yet
Meaningless in everyon

Mature Content

Happy old Boozer... by Dark-Indigo
There You Are by x-bossie-boots-x
Azrael by WorldOfGabriel

Now I Know What Pride IsShe was twitching; that much she knew. And not just physically, either... her thoughts were rippling through her mind, again and again, over and over...
They all carried the same message; pain, hurt, sore... pain... hurt... sore...
Suddenly, all thoughts stopped when her eyes flew open. Gasping for air, Hawkfeather looked around, vaguely recognising her surroundings.
"Hawkfeather, you okay?"
A young, petite tom padded over to the tortoiseshell she-cat, looking at her with worry and concern.
It took the she-cat quite a while to register who he was.
With yet another twitch, she asked, "Hollow... Hollowgaze? W-what... what's happened?"
Internally, she cursed herself for her lack of independence. Normally, she relied on herself, and herself only. Anycat else was just a stone on the road. She shuddered as she was hit by another wave of twitching.
"You injured yourself during the Sharptooth’s attack."
Hawk's body was throbbing, pulsating; she could feel that. The numbness of being unco
I'm (Not) FineDaggers
Rip the flesh
And tear out the heart
"I'm fine," I whisper, cold and mechanically, "just a little tired."
You did this to me
Without batting an eye
You slashed my throat
And bled me dry
"Just give me some time, I'll be fine soon"
Inside collapsed all of me
Into a singularity
And I buried
It all deep inside
Where no one could find me
"Just give it some time"
A bird cagedHe owned a small bird. A small red, trembling bird that could not stop fluttering and worriedly shake at every moment of the day.
He took care of it like it was his own life; the bird’s food was carefully prepared, its water clean and pure, its cage strong and protective.
He swore he would never let anything hurt it. If he had to live alone for the rest of his life, so be it; that bird handed to him was everything he needed. He knew many people wouldn’t understand, would try to pet it, and pet it too hard, and it would be crushed and maybe, dead.
He never thought the bird could feel lonely, because they were together. He never thought he could feel lonely, either.
All he asked for was to hear it beat against the cage bars with excitement and joy. He believed that with his caring, it would always be healthy and happy. Nothing could ever hurt it.
He took his bird on long walks and showed it beautiful sceneries, long mountains slopes, crystalline ocean waters. He always went a

Crumbling WorldFriend would you listen? 
Friend would you care?
Would you be my wings to anywhere?
Through a path so thorny
A forest so dark
A road going round and round
Stranger would you spare a glance?
Stranger would you give me hope?
Would you even see a child in need?
Through my fall in a hopeless state
In the pavement dark and gray
The world moves on and on
The world is lonely
The world is selfish
The world is judgmental
People are builders
People are gamblers
People are judges
Wear a mask, no one will know
All your battle scars, will go unnoticed
Helplessness, no one spares a care
Go build walls and burn those bridges
Put on a poker face, treat life like a game
Be a judge rather that be judged
Why should you care when they don't?

Mature Content

Put the phone down and talk to meI suppose it’s easier to speak-
say the things you’re really feeling-
when you’re not looking
at him.
It’s probably safer to type
those three letters-
instead of having to tell her
those three words-
I love you.
I guess it’s easier to scream
in caps lock-
no broken voices-
than to cry in front of
Because maybe a simple
is more appropriate
than the awkward tension
hanging in the air.
The thing is-
it is easier
and safer
than all the things you
could never say-
but at this point
would anything even be real?

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing! by Imirr
Sinagoga Remu, Krakow by sakurain93
My Own Space by LilNekoKatz

SurrealOdorous fingernails
drown within
candied perfumes.
As cancerous lakes
liquified anxiety.
Twice upon licorice
soaps examines
a numbered doll.
Of chalky prestige,
thinned buttons
climb with ease.
SeeingI look in a mirror
Is what I see really me?
My life a rapidly growing river
Unsure of where it is to be
Drawn in by the depths of my eyes
Years of emotions raging just beyond detection
Secrets accompanying too many lies
Created in my need for protection
White water splashes over the edges
Some things cannot be held inside
And into the ground it meshes
A powerful and grieving tide
Seeping in through the roots
Travelling to the tunnels deep below
Passing all disguises hidden in soot
To a place where only truth may flow
There it follows a tiny path
Until it reaches the main river again
Joining the intense water rushing past
Twisting into the next bend
Streams appear, all pulsing in different ways
Choices stretching out forever
Somewhere here my soul stays
And I know eventually these streams will bind together
From here I am to go on
Till I reach my destined waterfall
Listening to the ripples breathing song
Soon I know, I will heal and hear my call
Looking into the mirror
I know this perso
<da:thumb id="447849426"/>
The Flowers of the Field are DeceivingThe flowers of the field are deceiving, 
often they will appear resplendent, opulent
Their sweet stench envied, though
Masking self-indulgence and greed 
The flowers of the field are volatile
She watched the garden beauties 
Flourish amidst the profanity
Of the weeds
To contort and under the feet
For many to trample over
'The Bloom of Youth,' they told her,
'It will distort your judgement, 
Cunningly alluring, 
Like the Pied Piper it will mislead,
Attract you with its tranquilising song
and by the gun you will fall
Yes, the Bloom of Youth's trail was 
       hypnotizing and obsessive 
She had see’s and looses all hope
Until a prominent yet discreetly hidden flower 
Catches her eye
Its aura displaying lemon and ochre;
Optimism, thought, intuition
Orange; charisma, radiating motivation, an 
Invitation into temptation...
The flower had taken her breath away, 
And she was inhaling in its captivat
UnfetteredGive me a sunset
and burbling streams,
the lowing of cattle
and a midsummer's dream.
With acres of clover
a sky full of stars,
the twitter of birds
and an evening that's ours.
A walk in the country,
a breath of fresh air,
A morning of dewdrops --
Yes, please send me there.
I want to go back
to the fields of my youth,
when all the world spoke
in unfettered truth.
Dragonfly DreamsTiger cub, dozy and playful, adventured to the water's edge, chasing a dragonfly's laughter.  
But dragonfly danced a little too far, spiralling up and over the blue of the water to the blue of the sky, away through the canopy beyond.
Tiger cub stopped, a little forlorn, and sat at the bank, jostled by the reeds to wait for the dragonfly there.
Because, for all of his stripes, cub couldn't cross the river.
So he sat, and he waited, and he watched the sunlight scatter across his dreams.
And he sat, and he waited, but the water kept on flowing.  The sun set.  And rose.  And set again.  And the aching of his stomach matched the aching of his heart.
Whispering river, dancing skies; blurring and grey at the edges.  Too tired to stand, too hopeless to mewl, tiger cub curls into a ball and fades away.
Because no-one ever showed him.  No-one thought to say.  And for all of his need to chase happiness, cub didn't know tigers could swim.

A raven in bouquet of fire by jackodeco
Vegetable Woman by elizom
Belize 29 by NSolanki

Spinning and WeavingIt was cold outside and the sky was gray. A mutual friend had set them up on a blind date. He was waiting outside the coffee shop when she rounded the corner. She was wearing the scarf that the friend said she always wore- it was a gray color- although upon closer inspection it wasn't really.
"Hi, are you Kyle's friend?" She smiled and extended her hand. They exchanged names and quickly retreated inside from the biting wind.
They ordered coffees from the counter and found a cozy table by the window. They chatted casually for a moment about Kyle and his idea to introduce them, before talk turned to hobbies, interests, and careers.
She could see the life in his eyes. He was young, much like her, in fact she suspected he was at least two years her senior, but his eyes made him look younger than his years. They were bright and clear, taking in the life that was happening around him, and she decided that carefree was a good word for him.
He told her about his job working with children in th
The Night He Disappeared"You know, sometimes I wonder which one of us is going to follow Master Lumina's footsteps and teach some brats what it takes to be a Master," Eraqus mused, as he laid back into the soft grass.
"Tch. That's definitely going to be you. I've got better things to do."
The dark-haired teen turned his head to look at his best friend. "Like what?"
Xehanort didn't reply immediately, as if he wanted to choose his words carefully and weigh them, before voicing them. "I don't know. Don't you want to see more of the worlds's mysteries once you've become a Master?"
Eraqus frowned. "What do you mean?"
"...Nothing. Forget what I said."
Eraqus said nothing, trying to hide his disappointment It was weird, really, how Xehanort had become so...mysterious lately. Sometimes Eraqus wasn't sure when he was being serious and when not. Could it be that he was hiding something from him?
The first thing Eraqus saw when he woke up in the middle of th
Losing ControlThe demon stares at me,
messy, dark hair and red-rimmed
black eyes reflecting a million images of myself
in the mirror, back at me
It sits there on my shoulder
and I wonder how long I have been living half-alive
and my eyes sting with unspilled tears
as I struggle to remember who I was even a week ago
It's myself I can't recall, and other memories disappear
and the mirror doesn't reflect me anymore
all I can see is the
demon in my own eyes, its black eyes
watching me watch myself
I try to pretend but the happy-face-grin doesn't feel right
and I can barely sustain it, and I
am forgetting how to be human, how to
interact with others and how to feel anything
besides an empty, aching hunger
I forget how happiness had felt
in the days before this found me
and I can't recall the flavor
of the joy that friends once brought
Now, I'm just a burden-
a ticking time-bomb in their lives
until the day the demon makes me
tear myself apart
and paint my darkest, ugly secrets
with my blood upon their wa

Le FayThe north wind blows
'Cross a wrathful sea
To a place none knows
Where elf knots fly free
A child estranged from knowing love
Grown into a woman of spite and scorn
Her frozen heart a treasure trove
Kept even from the sons she'd borne
None knew her tale of sorrow and pain
What caused the blackest ice to creep
On distant Avalon traveled a refrain
Through space and time to her vigil keep
"I too was born a stranger child
My ways well-meant, my manner kind
But fear of difference made them wild
And I left love so far behind"
Somewhere on that mystic shore
The lonely song would reach her ear
A warmth she had not known before
To sidle beside her and stay near
Breathless she would take it in
Her heart would thaw within a trice
Her dark hair waving in the wind
Her eyes no longer mist with ice
GoneThe sky was once
A soft feathery blue
With fluffy white clouds scudding by.
But one day,
The sun died out.
And the sky turned dark and angry.
The clouds hung low
Threatening to fall.
I can run
I know I could
But where to run
Nowhere to go
No place to find solace
No place to call home.
Could the sky be blue again?
Now that the sun is gone
Would the stars
And the moon
Be enough to soothe
The sky's broken heart?
Bloody broken hearts.
Teardrops of joy.
Memories of the past.
Hopes for the future.
Music of the soul.
Bones of a city.
Skin of an artist.
My mind in a mirror.
And a broken feather.

Level 1 by AliDraw
Hic et nunc by houk
backstage by thomasbossert
Gentle Giant by TheRavingRabbit

To Reach a PromiseMy dream was to achieve this small ambition. It was to reach a higher goal, the goal of life, one might say. Time was crucial, and I had learned that the hard way. So, I was pursuing this dream, as the sand in the breaking hourglass was slowly coming to an end.
As I climbed the mountain, I felt the cold breeze of air hit my entire being. It was getting cold, and snow was beginning to be visible. I paid it no mind as my freezing hands grabbed the hard earth, holding on to dear life. This whole ideal might have seemed pointless, yet I did not give up. This was not only my dream; it was the dream of my dear brother. He loved to climb and would always explore new places.
I was very proud of him. He was a fighter, and his life was filled with excitement. I sometimes envied him, wanting to go with him, yet my fragile body wouldn’t let me. It was ironic, really. As he was out, I was in. It wasn’t as if I regretted anything. My life was as good as it could get. I had loving parents
Awakeundulant the many a flower and fern
where sinuosity meanders its way
from moonlit river
into my veins
it is here where my
conscience declares
sanity and salvation
here where i am lucid
though still wondering
through the breeze
if only
upon awakening
was my roam so balanced
uniform as the flower and fern
Wind GrownQuiet grown
With green and ground
Silent blown
The ash and sound
Away, away
Until the green has 'nother play
Softly drive
A wat'ry stream
Down with a tide
Across the beam
Become, become
The first to know the last of one
Breath of space
Carved by your arm
A heady place
Awaits no harm
Foreseen, foreseen
Because no eyes will watch or plea
Wind is wrapt
Around you braced
By time that kept
You wings misplaced
Unbent, unbent
One cannot fly where wearies went
Height and breadth
Come with the stars
While nourished wealth
From flanks and far
Sustained, sustained
The form is kept but not the brain
Stones will crack
Under your weight
Streams run black
The light you take
Fulfilled, fulfilled
Unknown on high there's but your will
The path you made
Will flood and break
No more remained
Your flanks are slaked
Returned, returned
Come back when you are broke and burned
Now hole refilled
Waters engorged
Where life was held
The ash was forged
Replaced, replaced
Until the wind the self will stay
Until the

Let This Heaven Burn You"where is your heaven?"the man spat coldly."Where is it if we can't touch it?" he snickered and coughed out those many years of cigarettes. He started puffing another pack. I hoped he choked on those embers. My eyes rested at my feet, searching for an answer to grab me, but none did. He was growing restless yet satisfied with the entangling silence, "I was right, kids so caught up in questions they give no answers." my eyes rose to see a smug expression radiating off of him like poison; he was the lost that still won. "You going to say something?" he licked his reptile lips in amusement. "Whatever." he scoffed in a tired tone. He started walking away into the darker depths of the ally.
"It is where the sunflowers lie." I spoke barely above a whisper, my eyes followed him, he stopped.
"What did you say?" his shoulders hunched up as if pulled by a puppeteer, still facing away from me.
Just for you.Once an army
rose against us...
I will stand by your side..
Just for you.
Once we face trouble...
I will be there to untangle
you...Just for you.
If there is a tall
mountain in the 
way... I will climb
it with you... Just
for you.
I'm not doing these
things with you cause 
i'm bored. I'm doing it,
Just for you.
                                                                                                                                                                            {The Silver Spirit~
Let Me Absorb Your RageWho but I will feel your wrath?
I'm all you've got, its simple math.
Who but I can absorb your rage,
when gesture and tone belie your age?
With piercing scream and woeful wail,
true old classics when young words fail.
Frustration waiting to be freed and spent,
my gorgeous volcano, trying to vent.
Pink and purple anger now run its course.
No my darling, you can not have a horse.
Let me dry your tears, do you need to wee?
Would you like a juice box with morning tea?

Drop Drop Drop by iriscup
Heat Exposure Test by eMBeeL
take me home by fotomademoiselle

The History of UsPink tulips,
Blushing in a cup
Where windows weep,
Colloquial hello's and
are always given.
Behind foggy glass,
the tulips
<da:thumb id="446838412"/> Slow and Gentle Morning- Prose Version.The soft sound of light footsteps drifted down the hallway, a woman walking back to her room. For a moment she appeared more awake, and the steps became more solid and heavier, but then the moment had passed, and with eyes once again half lidded, she continued to step gently towards her room.
It was early morning, the house was bathed in soft sunlight. A few morningbirds sang, but the movement of anyone awake was still softened by sleep, and made gentler by the easy light. She glowed in that light, looking more angelic than human.
She was a small woman, wearing a shirt way too large- it was her boyfriends. She padded into the bedroom, and kissed the man awake, smiling into his eyes when he groggily opened them and sweetly saying, "Good morning, love."
The man chuckled deeply, and reached out from under the sheet to snake a strong, heavy arm around her and pull her closer. They kissed as he pulled her into the bed, and she giggled, "Am I just a teddy bear now?"
He grunted, and then sigh

AwakeDon't go,
I still need you,
It's cold when I'm alone,
without your Light to guide my way,
the Darkness rolls and laughs,
hold on longer,
don't go.
your footsteps fade,
nothing is for certain,
and I'm scared I'll never grow,
I'm yet but a child,
lost and naive,
I've run away,
cry out in my despair,
the mirror does not show me now,
that is not who I am,
I'm so tired,
this path is long,
but now I see the way,
the shadows creep up behind me,
but I can fight them off,
no longer weak,
<da:thumb id="443730548"/> LegacyIt is always the damn same song.
Always are the wrong people strong.
Why do they think that your way is wrong?
You’re asking yourself what is left when you’re gone.
Your whole world starts to spin.
Their skin and nerves are very thin.
Want to use you like a soldier made of tin.
When you know the only thing you can do is win.
Want to sort out because you differ.
If you don’t do as they say, they’ll get stricter.
They don’t want to see you as the victor.
The only thing left will be a picture.
When everything you see and hear is a conspiracy.
And everyone thinks that you are crazy.
You are unique, only once in this galaxy.
The words you say and things you do are your legacy.

Le Jardin Rouge JWildfire Series #7 by Tate27kh
it's a long way down by fotomademoiselle
We Are Gods by dragonscreative
Deepwater Horizon by darcydoll
Silent Water by Torkhelle
Crysis - Game Environment - 14 by MadMaximus83
On little broken pieces..regeneration by NovaYatsen
Lux, Lady of Luminosity - LoL by martaino
Skyrim - The Ranger (FanArt) by PaschalisLP
Waterfall by duncanli
China Town 2nd by duncanli
Get Alive by Fayerin
Mushroomstag reinvented By Knavesandknots by AstralMimi
Marilyn II by Cobler

Fragile by Yumi-Nii
Help by francordoba
In Love by sara-satellite

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